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Combining CAD with 3D printing and laser welding opens up opportunities to make orthodontic appliances in a new and more efficient way.

Rapid Maxillary Expander (RME) 

RME is designed on a scanned model or digital impression. The appliance is then 3D printed, cast and laser welded to the expansion screw. If digital impression is used we will print the model so the fit can be checked.

No need for stock bands. Gingiva is intact. The design of the appliance can be easily adapted according to the dentist's request.

5 day turnaround service 



Space Maintainer

Space maintainers are also designed on our CAD software on a scanned model or digital impression. The SM is then 3D printed, cast and polished.

5 day turnaround service 


Lingual retainer

We can accept files from intra oral scans or analogue impressions to create a 100% passive fit retainer. We can customise the design to suit any of your requirements. 

5 day turnaround service