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Cobalt Chrome Castings

Chrome Cobalt, Titanium and Gold RPD frameworks

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About our 100% Nickel free Cobalt Chrome Castings: 

In 2011, Dentacast Australia purchased its initial 3DSystems printer and 3Shape software to CAD CAM Removable Partial Dentures (RPD's). The attached slideshow outlines the procedure, using 3Shape software, to design an STL file that enables our 3D Printer to manufacture RPD'S. This process replaces traditional surveying and duplicating to produce a refractory model and free-hand waxing of the RPD. The process still requires the experience of talented Dental Technicians, with vast knowledge and the underpinning skills required to create frameworks of the highest standard. Once the case has been printed, the framework may be fitted to the master model to verify the fit and design instructions. At this time the occlusion is checked on the original articulation. There is no longer a need to articulate the refractory model as the printed framework is now on the master model, enabling any required modifications.


The advantages are:·

  • Consistent Waxing - several technicians operating the software produce the same desired outcome
  • Consistent Profiles - the manufacturing settings allow Molar clasps to be thicker than Premolar clasping. We are able to digitally control the major connector thickness and have the flexibility to create smooth or a variety of stippled surfaces.
  • Confirmation of the RPD before casting - once the framework is printed it is placed on the Master Cast to verify the instruction criteria and the occlusion.
  • The system replaces traditional refractory model production – resulting in cleaner and superior frameworks.
  • Once the frameworks are cast they are cleaner and eliminate the issues related to damaged or faulty refractory models.

We now have three 3D Printers and four design stations installed in our laboratory. For added reliability we have installed a 30amp generator with UPS back-up.

Turn around times and extra services: 

Our Castings are a 5 business day service.

For emergency cases, we are able to provide a 2 business day turn around time at an extra cost. 

Apart from cobalt chrome, we are also able to cast in Titanium and Gold at your request. 


"My goal as a Dental Technician has always been to produce a world quality product. I will never state that our product is the best; I will always leave that claim for our customers to determine. Without a doubt the CAD CAM road has been extremely challenging, but once the procedures were defined and implemented the consistent high quality results pay dividends day after day."