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Metal Additions to Existing Dentures using Laser Weld

Laser Weld

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About our metal additions to existing chrome dentures:

Laser welding can be undertaken within one millimetre of acrylic or porcelain. So there is no need to remove acrylic teeth that would, under flame welding or soldering, be destroyed by the heat.

The weld using a laser is quick and causes no stress to adjoining areas. The join is stronger than the original cast.

Laser welding has a two-day turnaround and comes with an unconditional guarantee.

  • Laser welding provides a strong reliable join.
  • Laser welding provides a strong join using the same metal as the unit being repaired, thus maintaining the integrity of the prosthetic.
  • The weld obtained by laser welding is corrosion resistant, therefore will not stimulate any galvanic reaction.
  • Laser welding saves time and money. The laser will allow welding within millimetres of porcelain and acrylic. There is no need to strip sections of teeth and then pay to have the stripped teeth replaced.
  • Laser welding may be carried out on titanium, gold, chrome cobalt, nickel chrome cobalt, magnetable alloy, semi-precious alloys and precious alloys.
  • At Dentacast Australia Pty Ltd you can rely on a TWO-DAY TURN AROUND for all additions and repairs to existing prosthetics.

You can be assured of the same homogeneous weld time after time. At Dentacast Australia Pty Ltd, this consistency and reliability is obtained by our technicians who have been specially trained to use the laser welder.