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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

About our clear aligners:

Dentacast Australia are able to provide Clear Aligners for the Orthodontic Aligning of your patients teeth. The aligners work the same as the worlds most popular clear aligners at a fraction of the cost and made in Australia.

How does it work ?

Send us your Intra Oral scan or impressions, include upper and lower arches, as well as the bite. For an easy file transfer we can connect directly with your practise using, 3Shape, Sirona and coDiagnostix software. Or we will set your practise up with our free software to export digital files. Contact our office to do this for you.
Here's a case study to show the amazing results.

Gemma presented as a 24 year old female. As a teenager she had undertaken 3 years of orthodontic treatment from her orthodontist, using brackets and wires. The result was brilliant. Gemma was very proud to show off her dazzling smile, and renewed confidence.

A few years later, now in her 20's, Gemma had noticed her teeth had moved and and no longer had the confidence in her smile, as her teeth had crowded and rotated. Traditional impressions were taken, no bite was required as the centric occlusion was easily hand articulated.

Using orthodontic software model files at various stages of tooth correction are created and then 3D Printed. The clear aligners are then fabricated, 7  for the upper and lower arches. 3 months later Gemma had her magic smile and confidence back.

Watch the video's to see the results.