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Titanium Castings

Titanium Castings


About titanium castings: 

Titanium castings are from 99.5 % pure Titanium. The same grade used in surgical Titanium orthopaedic prosthetics.

While we use no metals at Dentacast Australia Pty Ltd, containing Nickel, if any metallic allergy exists for a patient, titanium is 100% biocompatible with the Human body. Titanium has a little more flexibility than Chrome Cobalt but not as much as Gold. It should be noted, that Gold used for dentistry is a Gold Alloy. This means the Gold is no longer pure and contains other metals. This means gold used for partial dentures has a higher galvanic reaction in the mouth than Chrome Cobalt and Titanium. Therefore Gold is more corrosive in the mouth than Chrome cobalt and Titanium.

Titanium frameworks are lighter than Chrome Cobalt and combined with its biocompatibility, presents as an excellent material for use in Dentistry.

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